You know what I think people don’t spend enough time thinking about when they’re planning or decorating their homes? Shelving. I know, you’re thinking that this is going to be the most boring blog you’ve ever read in your life. Shelving? You’re thinking. This person has way to much time on her hands. But think again! Think of all the time you’ve been frustrated in your own home because there’s so much stuff on your kitchen counter. You know what would solve that problem? A sturdy, reliable shelf. Ever go into the cupboard or drawer where you keep your pots and pans, or your cutting boards, and think, man, I hate having to rifle through all these things to get to the one I need at the bottom. Know what you need? That’s right: shelves.

And they don’t have to be boring! They can be part of your decor! There are beautiful wooden shelving units, or little glass ones for your bathroom, or big old industrial shelves for your fancy wine cellar (not that I know anything about wine cellar shelving because, let’s face it, I definitely don’t have a wine cellar … I barely have a bottle of wine …).

Admittedly, shelving wasn’t really something that I thought about when I moved into this apartment. We don’t have that much stuff, I though, naively. And honestly, we don’t have that much stuff. But we also don’t have a super huge apartment. And, granted, we do have book shelves; that is something that we always think about, because we have a few hundred books, and we know that we need space for those, so bookshelves, we got. But I underestimated the importance of other kinds of shelves, for stuff like picture frames and pens and pencils and dvds and video games and, frankly, all the extra books.

And board games, too! We’ve actually had to hijack and few of the lower shelves on a couple of our bookcases for board games and video games and stuff. We just don’t have that much space! The tops of the bookshelves are already being used for more books and papers and whatnot, for those of you wondering why we haven’t used that space. We have. And I’ll talk more about that in one of the blog posts. What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t underplay the importance of having enough shelving!

Storage closets and cellars and junk rooms are alright, yeah, okay, but even then, if you don’t have things organised, it’s not really doing you any favours, because you’ve just moved the disorganised chaos into another room. What you need, even in those rooms, is more horizontal space, and the perfect way to do that is to just install shelving units along all the walls. Ooo, you could even alphabetize! I’m getting a little carried away. This is all very exciting for me. And I’ll make it exciting for you, too! I will! Keep reading, and the way you look at shelves could change the way your organise your home!