Kitchen Shelves

These, in my opinion, are some of the most important shelves in the house, and also those that may be overlooked the most frequently, simply because many of them are in cupboards. But that doesn’t meant that they’re any less important! They may even be more important than some of the other shelves that we’ve talked about, because you know what, they have to be super functional. Think of how many times every day you open your kitchen cupboards to get a class or a plate. And you just take for granted that the shelves are there to help you out, the same way some people take for granted how a good driveway power washing company Niagara Falls ON would keep their home nice and clean!

Bathroom Shelves

You’re probably wondering why I have a separate post for bathroom shelves. Well, why shouldn’t I? It’s a very particular room in the house, used for very particular things, something that residential house cleaning Niagara Falls Ontario would be familiar with. And as such, there are very specific things required in said room, and some of them are … well, sensitive, and some of them aren’t. And it’s also a room that needs to provide certain things to any guests you may have in the house. It’s also kind of got its own decorating style, doesn’t it, that can be completely separate from the rest of the house, if you so choose, and people won’t really question it. All that in mind, I would argue that it calls for its own kind of organisation.

Storage Shelves

Okay, this may seem obvious, but I really don’t think people use shelves to their full potential when they’re storing things. Sure, if people have cellars or cold rooms, there are shelves in there for jars and cans and stuff, but think about the junk room in your parents’ basement. If it’s anything like my parents’ (and don’t tell them that I said this), the space isn’t really used to its full potential, it’s kind of just full of random stuff. There are a few bookshelves in there with a whole bunch or crap on them, but I am talking about using some seriously effective shelving here, like how a photographer uses their sophisticated tools to capture the perfect shots.


This is the kind of shelf in which I feel I have the most expertise, because I have five of them in a pretty modestly-sized one bedroom apartment, and, frankly, they look pretty ballin’. My boyfriend and I are both in academia, and on top of that we both really like reading fiction, so, needless to say, we’ve got a whole ton of books. Like we’d need the best St Catharines towing company near me to move them all. That said, we need somewhere to put them. In fact, even though I have all those aforementioned bookshelves, I still have books stacked on top of existing bookshelves, and on the storage chest beside our couch. In fact, I’ve had to start using books as bookends for stacked books. It’s beautiful madness.