Bathroom Shelves

You’re probably wondering why I have a separate post for bathroom shelves. Well, why shouldn’t I? It’s a very particular room in the house, used for very particular things, something that residential house cleaning Niagara Falls Ontario would be familiar with. And as such, there are very specific things required in said room, and some of them are … well, sensitive, and some of them aren’t. And it’s also a room that needs to provide certain things to any guests you may have in the house. It’s also kind of got its own decorating style, doesn’t it, that can be completely separate from the rest of the house, if you so choose, and people won’t really question it. All that in mind, I would argue that it calls for its own kind of organisation.

Obviously, with special orginisation comes special shelving. Because, that, after all, is what this blog is all about. Some of my favourite bathroom shelves are those behind mirrored cupboards above sinks. You know the ones I’m talking about. The cupboards that are disguised as bathroom mirrors. Medicine cabinets! That’s it. I knew they had a real name. Like when in horror movies, people look into those mirrors, and then they open the cupboard door to get something, and then when they close them again, there’s something behind them in the mirror. Shudder. I don’t like horror movies. But I do like the organizational benefit of those shelves!

And the extra nice thing about having those shelves hidden from immediate view, is that you can keep any essential things in there that maybe you might not want everyone to see. There are many other bathroom things, though, that you might want people to see. In fact, there are a ton of things that people keep in bathrooms that are specifically meant to be seen and used by other people. Like nice soaps, moisturizers, room sprays, maybe some mints, if you’re extra fancy. So many beautiful things to share with your guests, but how to display them? I think you know what I’m going to suggest.

So many shelves! And as I said above, one of the coolest things about decorating a bathroom is that you can really do it any way you want. In which other room would you be able to get away with having a beach theme? None, I’d say. So my recommendation is to go big or go home with the bathroom, and shelving can really help to bring the room together. This is especially good if you have a small bathroom without a lot of counter space. You can place shelves strategically on the walls, for easy access to all those aforementioned lovely things, and also place little decorations on each of them. Imagine you’ve got a shore theme, and you have a shelf with some coconut hand cream, some ocean breeze room spray, and a little sea shell. Adorable.

Because it’s nice to keep bathrooms looking very bright and clean – or at least that’s what my ideal bathroom would be like – I always think it’s nice to see delicate shelves in bathrooms, maybe even glass, considering most of the stuff you’re going to be putting on them isn’t very heavy. So, in conclusion, dainty little shelves in bathrooms are a great way to give all your guests access to all the wonderful little refreshing bathroom things you have to offer them.