Kitchen Shelves

These, in my opinion, are some of the most important shelves in the house, and also those that may be overlooked the most frequently, simply because many of them are in cupboards. But that doesn’t meant that they’re any less important! They may even be more important than some of the other shelves that we’ve talked about, because you know what, they have to be super functional. Think of how many times every day you open your kitchen cupboards to get a class or a plate. And you just take for granted that the shelves are there to help you out, the same way some people take for granted how a good driveway power washing company Niagara Falls ON would keep their home nice and clean!

I think it’s safe to say that one of the most frustrating lack of shelving situations in most kitchens is for pots and pans and their lids. In most kitchens I’ve been in, all that stuff is just kind of stacked in a cupboard under the kitchen counter somewhere, and you’ve just got to dig for what you need when you need it. My parents have theirs in a drawer, which, granted, is a lot better, because there is easier access, but it’s still not ideal. The ideal would be a ton of shelves, of course!

And if you want to keep your pots and pans under the counter, in a cupboard, out of sight, I totally get that. Keeps things cleaner! But there’s nothing stopping you from adding shelves to the under-the-counter-cupboards. Think about it: all of your upper cabinets have shelves for your mugs and things, but I bet most of your under-the-sink cupboards are just wide, open spaces, with little shelving. Granted, that’s a good thing if you need somewhere to store a blender or a popcorn machine or something, I guess, but it doesn’t do a lot of good as far as easy access to stuff is concerned.

So, moral of this little story is, if you’re having trouble accessing something, add a shelf! Or two! Hell, add three! They’re under your counter and in a cupboard, so it’s not like they have to be beautiful. This little trick will also be helpful for fancy plates and platters and trays that always seem to just get pile onto one another.

The only complaint I have about some kitchen shelving is, I guess, that I can’t reach things at the back of some of the higher shelves. But I guess that’s kind of a weak complaint, and I really shouldn’t be blaming the shelves. I’m the short one, after all. Happily, I usually have someone tall around to get stuff down for me. Alternatively, if there is no one tall around, or if I happen to be feeling particularly independent, the dining room chairs are always there to give me a boost! And even though I may be able to see even less than I can reach in my kitchen cupboards, thanks to my organizational skills, I don’t even really have to look that hard, because I already know what’s where. Organization, even on each individual shelf, is key, kids. Organization is key.

Don’t like the cupboard idea? Try this!